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A step by step guide of "How We Work"

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Step 1 - Book a Call

Once you reviewed our website, click the "Book a Call Today" button, which will then take you to a booking calendar.

Select a date and time that suits you to arrange a Zoom call with us This will be confirmed by a return email and and sign any NDA documentation, if required.

Step 2 - Discussion

After an initial introduction, we can then discuss your project in more detail. Once we are all aligned on the task(s) ahead, we can then advise you on a suitable plan to commence your work.

Step 3  - Select a Payment Plan

A follow up email, containing an activation link, will be sent to you based on our discussion with our recommended plan for you. 

Once the payment process is completed, you will receive a confirmation and a proposed commencement project start date,along with a dropbox account link.

Step 4  - Work Status

Once you project commences, we will keep you up to date regularly of the progress of your project.

We also like to keep meetings to a minimum,so most all correspondence will be via email and the occasional Zoom call.

Step 5 - Pause and Resume

An example of when you may use your "pause" during your plan: maybe we have completed an initial task for you, but you then decide that you would like to discuss the progress with your client and await their feedback. You can then email us to "pause" your "time" and then resume when you may have additional changes to be made.

Step 6 - Completion

On completion and satisfaction of the work by us, all the relevant documents, CAD files etc. will be transferred back to you securely, via Dropbox.

"The engineer has been, and is, a maker of history." 

James Kip Finch - an American engineer and educator

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