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Our Work

Due to the nature of our business and the restrictions placed on us due to the NDA agreements with our clients, we can only able to share a few examples of some of the projects that we have worked on recently. These will endeavour to give you an understanding of our capabilities.

Augmented Glasses Rig

Concept of augmented reality technology being used in futuristic smart tech glasses.jpg

The project brief from our client was, can you design a demonstration rig for our new augmented glasses, for an upcoming client review. The timeline was 8 weeks. 

We set about establishing the key functions of the product itself and what was required from the end user's perspective. The team not only delivered a robust design they also program managed the prototype component manufacturing process, all within the tight timeframe.

Multi Injector Pen

For this project, we worked closely with a European design consultancy on a new multi-need injector pen. We brought our expertise in plastic injecting moulding to their design phase. As the product developed, we constantly performed analysis techniques on the component parts, in the shape FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and DFM (Design for Manufacture).

These steps culminated in a final design optimised for high-volume injection moulding.

insulin pen needle, threaded to attach securely and safely to insulin pen, solution for in

Tote Concepts


A client approached us to provide them with various concept models for a new tote crate.

Their current totes are plastic and flammable. So, our challenge was to design a new model that was non-flammable but still light weight and be low cost to manufacture.

The team at Simmetec brainstormed many ideas, various materials and processes, which resulted in eight new concepts. We presented them to our client, who were delighted with our ideas and over the following weeks they selected a favourite, which was then prototyped and validated.

Woolwich Lighting

A lighting company approached us with an urgent request. They had a very short window to design a new lighting system for the soon to be completed Woolwich station on the Elizabeth line in London.


The brief was to produce a continuous line of light in the ceiling of the station foyer when viewed from below. That’s not all, the product had to meet very strict health and safety requirements along with a robust IP rating.

We finalised the design in a timely manner and organised all the prototype parts ready for initial testing.

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